View Full Version : Administrator permission for uninstalling product

10-13-2011, 01:02 PM

our product need administrator permission for installing also for uninstalling. Installing is working fine. When user try to run setup.exe under Windows Vista and 7, UAC dialog appears and after user's confirmation installation process permissions are elevated and installation work properly.

But we have problem with uninstallation. When user run uninstall from Control Panel or run "uninstall" shortcut from application's Start menu group the uninstall proces is directly invoked with user's permissions. It means uninstall start without administrator persmissions. UAC dialog is not displayed. As I said our app need also for uninstallation admin permissions, thus uninstall failed.
My question is how to setup Installshield project to request admin privileges also for uninstall. How to force Windows to show UAC also for uninstall.

MaroŇ° Klempa