View Full Version : Getting a "has stopped working" error when trying to launch program

10-07-2011, 03:25 PM
I'm using ver 18 of the an eval trial of InstallShield 2012 Express.

I created a setup.exe for a fairly simple WPF program that targets .NET 4.0, using "Any CPU", as part of the task of evaluating IS for our purposes.

This program (DMerge.exe, developed using VS 2010 Ult SP1) runs fine on my development box. The only prerequisite that I specified for the setup is .NET Framework 4.0 full, installed locally.

I run the setup.exe to install DMerge onto a target machine (Win 7 x64) that did not already have the .NET Framework 4.0 installed. I saw that it downloaded and seemed to install the .NET Framework, and then my program (DMerge), but then when I try to launch DMerge from (either the desktop shortcut or the Start Menu) the program fails. It gives that Windows error "Dmerge has stopped working". If I click on "Show details", it reveals some information that looks like it should be useful I'm unsure how to interpret it (please see attached screen-capture).

How do we troubleshoot this? Is it something changed by IS?

What does a "Problem Event Name" of "CLR20r3" mean? What are the "Problem Signature 0X" lines?

Thank you -- I appreciate your help. I'm trying to do a due dliligence on evaluating your product but need to have this done today.