View Full Version : No understand the Trusted Storage

10-04-2011, 07:12 AM

To FLEXnet License Server, I understood that to use the Trusted Storage model, i have to send the entitlementID to the client. Then the client generates an xml file on the server and sends us. After i make an xml response file to transmit to the client and the client execute this file on the server. This operation has to make twice, the one to initialize the trusted storage and after to load license rights. And if the client needs to travel, across the network, it can load the license rights on one computer in this trusted storage. It’s like the borrow for the License File model.
But to use a license with the tool “check-out/check-in”, i need to launch the License Server Manager with a license file like demo.lic whereas i thought that the License Server Manager would communicate with the trusted storage in the server. Why we need two license files? Can i use just one license file? What must be writing in this file?
i need more information about the function in the server model.