View Full Version : installation fails to register shock wave interops

09-28-2011, 01:03 AM

Recently i tried creating installer package for a windows application built in Visual Studio 2010 using install shield 2012. In fact i need to give an assurance to my client on its successful installation before client would finally purchase.

But i am recently going through a problem. My application uses "shock wave flash control" . So when i add a .exe file of my application with "Add Files" features of "Project Assistant" wizard, then it pop ups a dialog that says "Certain dependencies have been detected associated with the .exe file". On Clicking "Yes To All" button, it would add "OCX and InterOP dlls" for shock wave flash control. But on final "Build" action , installshield project build fails with errors since it fails to package "ocx and Interop dlls".

But now again error scenario is different:
Now i don't receive "pop up" dialog that prompts user for "certain dependencies" related to .exe file i add from my windows application.So i have to manually add the interops for ocx and dlls related to shock wave flash control using "component wizard" that i have used in my application.This time build action completes successfully.However on running the prepared installer i get errors that shock wave control's related dlls are not registered successfully and the related error screenshot has been attached along with the post.

Since i am not clear with steps to the follow for the successful installation, hope you can give me the steps to manually add "dependant interop ocx and dlls" so that i make error free installer . Thanks in advance. Would be helpful if anyone would help out a bit quick as i have waiting for the result to buy a full version one:) :)