View Full Version : unreliable communication to license server over ssh tunnel

09-22-2011, 07:37 AM

I've used ssh tunnels to access licenses served by a flexlm license server for years (and yes, our license agreements for the licenses in question allow this) but lately have had problems with reliable communication.

lmgrd is listening on port 5280 and the license file specifies a vendor daemon port of 5281 and I forward both of those ports. With a v10.8 server, I can get what appears to be reliable communication when I just do

lmstat -c 5280@my_license_server

With the v11.7 server though, I tend to get:

Error getting status: Cannot read data from license server system. (-16,10010)

This is using lmstat from 10.8. What is weird is that while I get the failure on a Redhat Enterprise client, I can run the same lmstat from a SunOS-5.8 (on an old ultra10) and get a reply from the license server.

Are there known issues with using ssh tunnels to communicate with the license server?