View Full Version : Automate refresh files in MST

09-15-2011, 05:53 AM
Ok - here's another issue I've just tripped over in my on-going travels with .mst files...

We automate out builds using TFS2010, and have modified the workflow to allow a call to "ISCmdBld.exe" to compile our .ism projects into either ".exe" or ".msi" outputs. This all works well, and I have no issue with this part :D

The problem I have is in the refreshing of the files included within a ".cab" file associated with our ".mst" transform. Our transform needs to supply some extra files which we create during our build process, so we will nedd to ensure that the ".cab" file contains the latest assemblies. The only time I've seen these files refresh is when I manually re-save the ".mst" project.

is there any way of automating this process so we can slot this into our build?:confused: