View Full Version : Win32/x64 installation packages

09-08-2011, 01:46 AM
I cannot find a place to specify target system in InstallShield 2012 Express. I need to create Win32 and x64 installations. Where can I specify the target processor type? Should I create two separate setup projects or it is possible to make Win32/x64 configurations in the same InstallShield project?

09-08-2011, 08:02 AM
InstallShield Express Edition can create installations that install to 32-bit locations on 32-bit and 64-bit machines. However, this edition cannot create installations that install to 64-bit locations on 64-bit machines. Only the Premier and Professional editions of InstallShield include this support.

The following help topic from the InstallShield Premier/Professional help has more information:
Targeting 64-Bit Operating Systems (http://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/Robo/BIN/Robo.dll?tpc=/robo/projects/installshield18helplib/IHelp64BitSupport.htm)

09-11-2011, 01:13 AM
Thanks. Actually, I already created x64 installation package using Express Edition. It doesn't know anything about x64 - it just copies x64 binaries to destination folders, and installed product works. I understand that this is not true x64 support - such package can be installed to Win32 OS, this is incorrect, and destination folder by default is Program Files (x86).
I will test x64 support in Professional Edition.