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Glen T
09-02-2011, 12:50 PM
A few comments on installation of the ISX 2012:

It is really annoying to have the installer for ISX12 put links to tools (InstallShield 2012 Tools) in the Start menu, that point to programs that will only run if I bought the full version of InstallShield 2012. It wastes my time, both looking at these and also downloading them, which brings me to my second point.

Streaming installs of purchased ISX12 are annoying. Instead of downloading a full install, we now have to download a stub file which then downloads all of its constituent parts during the install. When I download a program, I don't sit and watch it because I don't need to. However, when I install software, I have to sit and watch it, because it requires user interaction.

And, to make matters worse, if I want to reinstall this software in the future, I will have to sit through this all over again (and again - assuming that the download will still exist, given the short half-life of Flexera software).

Frankly, I don't see what is to be gained (other than frustration) by giving my customers a short download and a longer installation.

And while were are on the topic, the disjointed activate / registration process of ISX12 (that forces a registration during activation, then doesn't recognize the regisration for several minutes) is another aggravation. It's ironic that the installation of an installer development product is, itself, poorly executed.


09-06-2011, 10:33 AM
We've made two different installations of InstallShield available:

Web download—This package downloads only the files that are required to install the product on the system on which the installation is run. An Internet connection is required in order to run this package.
Full Download—This package contains all of the files that are required to install the product on any of the supported platforms. An Internet connection is not required in order to run this package.

It sounds like you obtained the Web download instead of the full download. You'll probably want to get the full download in case you want to be able to reinstall it in the future, and you don't want the installation itself to download additional bits. Both download types are available in the Flexera Software Product Download and License Center.

The streaming feature is something that a lot of software vendors want to offer to their Internet-connected customers. In a lot of cases, they'll need to include in their setups third-party technologies such as the .NET Framework, or special optional add-ons that are included in multiple products. The streaming feature lets those users create setups that download only the third-party redistributables and add-ons that are needed on targets systems or that are selected by end users. That means that if a product requires the .NET Framework but a target system already has it, it doesn't have to be downloaded to the system where it won't be run (since it's already present). Also, if an end user chooses during the installation to not install one of the optional add-on products, the installation does not download that add-on's installation. Thus, in scenarios like these, the total time for the download and installation could actually be less, and the total size of the download files could also be less.

The Tools folder shortcut is installed with all editions of InstallShield because the Express, Professional, and Premier edition are basically the same setup, making it easy to upgrade from one edition of InstallShield to a higher edition.

I'm not sure what we can do to improve the registration and activation process, but I'll pass along your feedback on this (and the other feedback in your post) to Product Management.