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Maia Tihista
08-23-2011, 12:49 PM
Flexera Software today launched InstallShield 2012 which delivers unprecedented support for distributed teams, complex software suite development, and enterprise customers.

InstallShield offers the following new capabilities:

• Suite Installation – multiple products can be easily bundled together into a single, unified installation eliminating the need to develop a complex custom launcher or bootstrapper application.
• Installation Streaming – end users need only download a small file to quickly start the suite installation giving a more immediate interaction with product installation and reducing the overall installation time.
• InstallShield 2012 Collaboration Add-On – supports distributed, collaborative installation development allowing product developers and technical writers to create and manage their portion of the installation.
• 64-Bit Application Support – enhanced with new capabilities to provide the most comprehensive support for 64-bit installation development.
• Application Tagging - creates ISO 19770-2 software identification tag as part of the installation development process.

These new capabilities have been very well received by InstallShield beta customers:

“Agile software development is a critical to our global product strategy, and implementing a strategic installation solution that supports agile development is critical. Flexera Software has listened and has delivered InstallShield 2012, a game-changing product that offers tremendous functionality for our agile team to integrate installation development into our processes and support our iterative, collaborative team.”

Mark Hanson
Software Engineer Advanced
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

We’ve created a page that tells the story about the new release and how InstallShield 2012 is ready for the transformations taking place in software development. Check it out here: http://learn.flexerasoftware.com/content/IS-Contact-Us-InstallShield-2012-Customer-Upgrade

And congratulations to the InstallShield 2012 team! Engineering, QA, Technical Documentation, Product Management, Product Marketing, Services and Training – everyone came together to put together a release that includes key features that the developer community has been asking for – congratulations to all.