View Full Version : InstallShield 2011 Expression Product Activation Problem

08-08-2011, 07:10 PM
Purchased 2011 Expression today. Failed to create project through Visual Studio 2008 directly.

Tried to start the InstallShileld 2011 for Visual Studio 2008. Followed the Get Started wizard. Lead to Product Activation diagbox "InstallShield Product Activation". The edit box titled "Enter Your Serial Number" already populated with a serial number but is one letter off my serial number. Tried to modify it but was not able to (like is set as read-only). Click on "Activate," lead to another dialog box saying "Serial Number Not Registered" with error code 20661. Click on "Register Product Online" and entered the correct serial number. The browser page gives a message saying "this serial number has already been registered." Now the wizard enters a traped state, not allowing me to create a project.

Please advise.

Xiaohua Yi
Maxwell Computing, LLC