View Full Version : Project creation failed

08-08-2011, 06:08 PM
Have a InstallShield 2011 Primer evaulation version installed in my XP machine. Purchased 2011 InstallShield Express this morning. Installed the Expression version. Opened Visual Studio 2008 and tried to create a new InstallShield project, get error message "Creating project 'Setup2.ise'... project creation failed.

Contact the Katherine Kozieiek who connected me to a technical support Ms Tonia. She told me to uninstall the Installshied from my PC and install the Expression fresh. Did that, tried to create a InsstallShuield project, still get the same "project creation failed" message. No other message or hint. What is going on?

Please advise, thank you!

Xiaohua Yi
Maxwell Computing, LLC