View Full Version : Files not overwritten

07-26-2011, 08:57 PM

I have a VS2010 solution, with two WPF-projects and many ClassLibrary-projects. I have icluded the primary output from all of them to the installation-project under "Specify Application Data / Files". In all of their properties dialog, i have set the "File overwrite properties" to "Always Overwrite". However, on major upgrades, sometimes important files (e.g. the main .exe file) will not be overwritten, unless I explicitly call Rebuild on thier VS-projects.

For a major upgrade like these, I generate a new ProductCode, increase the version number (e.g. from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6) and a new Upgrade Path. I "compile" the setup-project using the SingleImage Configuration and have already checked, that all dependent VS-projects are set to build in the build-configuration.

This is really annoying, since I always have to check, wheter updates work and will correctly overwrite the old files with the new onces.

Is this a bug (probably a known one?) or am I doing something completely wrong?

Thanks, guys!