View Full Version : Minor upgrade on 64bit machine

07-01-2011, 02:53 PM

I am minor upgrading the msi having version 3.1.0004 to 3.1.0006. I have two msi for 32 bit and 64bit machine. Minor upgrade is working fine on 32 bit machine, but on 64 bit machine some SQL files are not upgraded. If i delete the sql file and upgrade it to higher version(from 3.1.0004 to 3.1.0006) works fine. So i have added the sql files in 'Remove file table' to delete the SQL files before doing upgrade, but still SQL files are not removed and upgraded. Please suggest me how can i upgrade these SQL files.

07-01-2011, 03:15 PM
Hi this is an InstallAnywhere forum, please repost your issue in an InstallShield forum: http://community.flexerasoftware.com/forumdisplay.php?f=133