View Full Version : Unable to setup Report-Designer in 14.2

04-01-2011, 04:06 PM
The entire setup (flexnet manager, cognos) is in RHEL

The cognos server is setup is completed.

The following packages are copied over to <fnmea_reportdesigner_install_dir>/c8/deployment/

Flexnet Manger (FNM) is started, and clicked on Report-Designer.
When I click on import packages, I get this error in the FNM interface:
Importing the online reporting package failed.

And I see the following in the reporting log:
2011-04-01 16:04:20,305 ERROR [reporting.cognos] [WorkerThread#0[]] Unable to Setup Reporting Server.
2011-04-01 16:04:20,305 ERROR [server.ejb] [WorkerThread#0[]] Unable to setup the Cognos server

Does anyone have any suggestions to get this connectivity?