View Full Version : Using FNM - now have two LMGRD's for each LM

03-09-2011, 02:30 PM
After upgrading from FNM 1.9.5 to v14 a while ago, we noticed that our license managers seem to have two LMGRD Processes. We require that we have a Windows Service for our IPMonitor software, which alerts us of service issues. FNM seems to have it's own LMGRD process as well. This has recently become an issue when a Vendor Damon failed consuming 100% of the CPU, showing the error and Windows still showed the LM up, while FNM showed the LM down.
Vendor.exe) Lost connection to lmgrd, heartbeat timeout expired, exiting.

It can also be difficult to start/stop both Win/Flex process at the very same time, so they will both show that both are up and running normally. I also haven't been able to tell which of the 10 LMGRD's that are running belong to which of the 5 LMs.

Is there a way to continue to have a Windows Service running for the LM and manage things with FNM, while having a single LMGRD process running for each LM?

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