View Full Version : Need help, very inexperienced...

02-08-2011, 01:36 PM
Ok so I am making an installer for a visual C# program. The program is for a device I threw together and uses an FTDI usb-rs232 chip and so it had a dll that goes with, as well I want to install the drivers with the program.

I have made a project but it generates a bunch of files and folders but what I don't understand is why when I try and run it on other computers it doesn't work and it seems to be asking for things from the pc I used to make the project.

I am wondering if I am using the right one or if the built files go one place and the debug another like visual studio.

Any help appreciated, also if anyone know of guides or info of that kind I would be glad. The white papers I have seen on this site seem kind of useless.