View Full Version : These questions may be elementary...

02-07-2011, 03:56 PM
But I'm evaluating this utility and if it can't do what I need that complicates things.

On a monthly basis, I need to group a bunch of files together for clients, the only difference between the resulting exe's is an Access database with client specific data (the other files are Excel GUIs for the data). I need to find the easiest way possible to create and then distribute 30+ of these packages to the clients.

Is it possible to:
1. Create "Setup.exe" with a different name (e.g. Client1Setup.exe).
2. Automate the execution of the project (i.e. creating the setup.exe) with calls from an outside program like VBA or a BAT? If I know this is possible I can figure it out (I think) but I just need to know if I can.