View Full Version : lmadmin and three server redundancy

12-09-2010, 01:49 PM
I'm migrating autocad 07 to a new license server and I received a rehosted lic file from autodesk support. It works fine in LMTools but when I try to import the lic file into lmadmin (FlexNet publisher v11.9) it gives the following error:

"Bad three server redundancy configuration in: licenses\adskflex\license.lic"

After that lmadmin service crashes and even when I get it to start I can't get it to work. When I go to the dashboard it just says "an error occurred" and the daemon won't start. When I try to go to the administration page in lmadmin it just takes me to ye old "cannot display web page" error and the service crashes. So at that point all my apps on lmadmin are doa.

Only having this problem with the autocad license. Licenses/daemons from other vendors work fine and it works in lmtools.


1) Not using a redundant server config on either the old license server or the old one, so I have no idea why it thinks its supposed to eb a redundant server config.

2) Only fix is to completely remove and reinstall FlexNet publisher and reconfig all the other apps.

3) For giggles on a test box I tried it with the license file from the old server and it gave a slightly different error but still was barking about invalid three server redundancy.

4) Nothing in the logs and the only thing in eventvwr is the lmadmin service crash.

5) I've downloaded and tried the lateset adskflex.exe daemon, same result.

Any suggestions welcome.