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11-09-2010, 12:11 PM
Could someone post how to change the BuildCompressed parameter in their isproj file so MSBuild compresses the output to a single file rather than leaving them all separate?

Thank you in advance.

11-09-2010, 12:32 PM
Here's my isproj file... can anyone tell me how to modify this to compress into a single executable?

<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003" ToolsVersion="4.0">
<!-- Select a Product Configuration -->
<InstallShieldProductConfiguration>Product Configuration 1</InstallShieldProductConfiguration>
<!-- Select a Visual Studio Configuration / InstallShield Release -->
<!-- The InstallShieldProject item selects the project to build -->
<InstallShieldProject Include="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\$(MSBuildProjectName).ism"/>
<!-- The InstallShieldReleaseFlags sets Release Flags -->
<!-- <InstallShieldReleaseFlags Include=""/> -->
<!-- The InstallShieldMergeModulePath specifies what directories are
searched for Merge Modules -->
<!--<InstallShieldMergeModulePath Include=""/>-->
<!-- The ProjectReference items refer to any Visual Studio solutions you want to automatically probe for Project Output Groups. -->
<!-- The TaggedOutputs items allow you to explicitly add extra files to output groups. Each item must include both Name and OutputGroup, as well as TargetPath metadata values. -->
<!--<TaggedOutputs Include="C:\My Test Exe.exe">
<Name>My Test Project</Name>
<OutputGroup>Primary output</OutputGroup>
<TargetPath>My Test Exe.exe</TargetPath>
</TaggedOutputs> -->
<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)\InstallShield\2011\InstallShield.targets"/>

11-09-2010, 03:22 PM
Nevermind... figured it out...

10-18-2013, 12:27 AM
How do you do this?