View Full Version : Unable to delete Debug.bak when building in Visual Studio 2010

11-09-2010, 09:40 AM

When building an InstallScript MSI Project installer in Visual Studio 2010 I am getting an error pretty much constantly that prevents the build completing. The error is that is can't delete the debug.bak folder.

Upon building it seems the Debug folder is copied and renamed to Debug.bak. If this folder exists then it's deleted before hand....this is where the error occurs.
I have not accessed a file in that folder or even the folder itself in any way shape or form. The fix is that I manually have to go and delete that folder so the build will work complete. If I run the VS IDE as the elevated Administrator user then the same thing occurs.

Is this a bug where something in Visual Studio is locking that folder?
Any ideas how to prevent it from happening?