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11-08-2010, 02:34 PM

I am using InstallShield 2011 to compress my installation. The installation project is written using pure installscript and several self-created objects. These objects do not install any files, but were created in order to get around a setup.inx limit that InstallShield earlier had.

Now, I have reached a situation where the .cab file size is closing in on 2GB and this is causing some headaches. So, I am exploring the options of whether it is even possible to have an Installscript project that will download the relevant files on demand when running the installation.

I could not find anything in the KB as well as the forum relating to this.

My question is, is it possible to implement a purely installscript based installation, that would download files on demand (assuming of course that there is internet connectivity) and behave exactly like an install where all is compressed within a .cab file?

If the answer is yes, then please do share how this can be accomplished. If the answer is no, can someone share some pointers as to other possible ways to achieve this.

Appreciate the help in advance!!