View Full Version : How Can I Stop Installer Upgrade Deleting Files

10-25-2010, 04:14 AM
Is there a way of writing an installer which does not remove files in a folder from a previous install?


I am trying to produce a new installer for a program where, as well as some program changes, we are updating some values in a database for those with an older version.

I am doing this by using the installer to copy a new database with a different name into the same folder as the existing database. When the program (not installer) is first run it completes the update by copying the data from the new database to the old ... or if it is the first installation of the program it simply renames the new database to the old name.

If, however, I create an installer with the new database, the act of installation removed the old one (as I presume it deletes the folder and everything in it).

Is there a solution?