View Full Version : Merge Modules without names XP German

10-15-2010, 05:25 AM
I'm using the Installshield 2011 Prof ( XP German ). I create a new merge module, e.G. M1. I create a 2. merge module and want to set the M1 merge module as dependency. But i can't find the merge module in the Module Dependencies dialog. The reason is the missing name of merge module M1, i see a empty entry instead.
I now the problem from Installshield 2008 Professional ( my version before ). This version has supported multi language. On our german xp we have include three additional strings with language ID 1031. This strings was shown in the Module Dependencies dialog and over the windows explorer as file info of merge module ( title, subject, author ). The subject string will be used to show the name of merge module in Module Dependencies dialog.

All old merge modules ( build with IS 2008 Prof ) have the additional file infos and are visible in the Module Dependencies dialog. The new merge modules ( build with IS 2011 Prof ) are unvisible and not to have the additional file infos.

A first fix of this problem is, to set the subject file info manual via windows explorer.

Question: How ca i fix the problem via Installshield 2011 Prof ??