View Full Version : Default CA-populated combo box value?

10-05-2010, 03:26 PM

I have 2 combo boxes on a custom dialog. One of these, set to the CLIENTDOWNLOAD property, should be filled with a static list of 3 values (AppData, Program Files, Other), which I have set in the Items Property. In the property manager, I have set the value of CLIENTDOWNLOAD to AppData, and thus AppData shows as the default selection in the combo box during the UI Sequence. So this is working as desired.

The 2nd combo box, CLIENTCONNECTION, needs to be filled in with some dynamic data however that I piece together from the machine's registry. I am sucessfully populating this combo box using a VBScript custom action; however, while all of the values are present in this 2nd combo box, it defaults to an empty selection. Is there any means of setting one of my added Combo box records as the default selected value?

Thanks very much!