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10-04-2010, 07:42 AM
Hi all,

We are currently using InstallShield Activation Service, our application does only require standard user rights when running it. The problem is that the first time the application runs, the user is prompted to enter a serial number in order(we have no trial time) to register the product. This will always trigger an exception(unles the user has selected run as admin first time) since the registration process requires admin rights. We have no choice but informing our users that the first time the application is started, this must be done under "RunAsAdmin". However, about 40% of the users misses this and contacts our support, which generates negative impact on our product aswell as higher support costs. So my question is , are there anyway around this problem? Or must all companies that uses InstallShield activation service run their manifest file for thier applications "AsAdmin" in order to avoid the probability of failed installations?

Best Regards,

Andreas Sandgren