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10-01-2010, 07:22 AM
InstallAnywhere Collaboration - Do filters (for Dynamic File Source) work?
I'm using InstallAnywhere 2009 SP1 with InstallAnywhere Collaboration.

I've encountered a problem trying to use filters in InstallAnywhere Collaboration (to control which files in a source directory get installed). Once I include an inclusion or exclusion filter, no files from the directory will get installed (whether or not the file names match the filter).

Has anyone attempted to use this feature before or know of any problems with this feature?

Here is a detailed explanation of the steps to reproduce:
1) Open InstallAnywhere Collaboration.
2) Create a DIM
2) Add a File Set
3) Add a Dynamic File Source
4) Pick a directory containing files
5) Set an Inclusion Filter that matches the filename of 1 or more files in the directory (eg. “*.dll”)
6) Set any other needed settings
7) Add DIM reference to InstallAnywhere 2009 project (with other needed setttings set)
8) Build and run installer

Expected result: files with “.dll” ending should be installed
Actual result: no files are installed

A similar result occurs when Exclusion Filter is used, i.e. no files are copied by installer (even if they don’t match the exclusion filter)

Once the filter is removed, all the files in the directory are installed as expected.

It would be great if some one let us know in depth working of filters with dynamic file set.

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- Milan