View Full Version : Installation failed, abort it, delete all files and folder. Not working

10-01-2010, 06:39 AM
Problem 1>
We are accessing a dotnet assembly using UseDLL
then we create the object and acess its functions
Now once we are done with this assembly we need to delete this folder
But it does not delete

1. It's inreadonly folder.
Which I can remove using FindAllFiles() option of installshield
2. U can remove if u r trying to delete current working Dir
SO i changed the dir, still it did not work
3. Then, I set object to NOTHING( like NULL) and then delete
still it did not work.
4. Then further i use UnUnseDLL() does not free the DLL. So use CoFreeLibrary otherwise it's locked till the end of installation
I did tht , did not wrk
Now... Dont know what ahead

Problem 2>
I copy all the files to a directory. then start registering.
if Anyone of the regsitration fails, we abort the installation
Yes, it aborts the installation
but I does not clean the folders and shortcuts
Need to RollBack the installation

Your help will be appricated.
Thanks in Advance.