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09-30-2010, 06:50 PM
Another company is trying to use our Installer package which we create using Installshield 2010 Express as a single Setup.exe to do a silent install but the say that when they do setup.exe /s /v/qn that the setup always runs visually. But when I try it it works. I run it on Windows 7 64bit but they are probably testing under Vista 32bit.

So they asked if they could just get the msi file and do the silent install that way. I created a CD-ROM and a custom install so I could just copy out the msi file. But now they say that when then do msiexec /i project.msi /qn it still won't install silently. When I try it I get an error 1308 that the first file in the install is missing in the destination folder? Almost like it expects all the files to already be there?

The install is VERY simple There a couple of EXE's and a data file and a folder with some other data files. Creates a shortcut on the desktop and the start menu. Pretty straight forward.

Anyone have any suggestions?

10-01-2010, 08:24 AM
Setup.exe /s /v/qn should work. If they put a space after the /v, they'd see the user interface. It is possible that they did something like that. The operating system that they are using shouldn't have any effect on whether the UI is visible or hidden.

Maybe you could ask them to send you a screen shot of their command prompt window. That might help troubleshoot any issues with command-line syntax.