View Full Version : Adding a language: New strings are not in the default language?

09-29-2010, 09:38 AM
Anybody know if the following is a bug, and/or if I can do something to fix it?

Scenario: In our project we recently used 11.5, but upgraded to 2011. We have a few languages, and we are now adding a language (german). English US is default. I add it by selecting it in setup languages.

Now, there are a few strings created (about 10) that weren't in the project before. (example: string with id IDS_PREVENT_DOWNGRADE_EXIT). I assume these are new in 2011 as compared to 11.5?

Well, the problem is that these are all now in german for all languages. Since german is the language added. This seems very wrong to me, they should be set to the default language (english in my case).

Is there any way to force it to set the defaultlanguage for these strings? Or at least some way to manually set it to english afterwards?

Actually it seems that this has happened before in our project as we have some strings on other languages also for english. (But they are obviously not used much, we haven't seen them when actually running the installer.)