View Full Version : Trouble with Installing Web Service

09-22-2010, 10:33 AM
I created a simple web service and published the files to a folder on my hard drive. I then created a Basic MSI installation for this.

In the IIS view of the IDE, I just right-clicked on Default Web Site and created a new web site. Then right-clicked on the new web site and added a web application. Then added the published web service files to a component, and pointed the web application to that component.

During testing, when installing to a virtual machine with IIS 6, the web site and web application are created, the files are copied, but when I go into IIS Manager and try to browse to the .asmx file, or when I try to browse from Internet Explorer 7, I just get the marker file, not the web service page (can't remember what the page is officially called).

Does the procedure I described with adding the web service to the installation sound correct?