View Full Version : Best Practices - Choosing main exe

09-21-2010, 11:36 AM
Basic MSI package with an installer already in the wild.


We have a different product (Product A) that has an optional database server (Product B) that can be installed. The product in question (Product C) can communicate with this server(Product B), if it is installed.


Depend on the version number of Product B, I need to install 1 of 2 compilations of the main EXE for Product C.

My thinking is that I can treat this similary to 32 vs 64 bit components being installed, depending on a Property. I detect the version of the Server EXE in Product B, if it doesn't exist or is newer than x.x.x.x than install the component that has the one version of the exe, otherwise install the other version.

Since I already am installing using just 1 version of the EXE, I would imagine I would need to make a Major Upgrade, so I can purge the original component with the original EXE and then install the new EXE depending on the property