View Full Version : Scan for files in user input location

09-06-2010, 10:02 AM

I am completely new to INstallShield and have gone through the wizard to create a simple msi installer. Having looked at some of the advanced options it looks very powerful and I wish to explore some of these features. As I am looking into building an installer, I am looking to do the following:-

I wish the installer to progress as normal but I want to build a check into the setup that occurs AFTER asking for the install directory. I have seen the scan for files/folders etc but this runs before this stage as far as I can tell. The exact scenario is:-

I am building an addon for an application but I want to check for other addons before it installs as these are prerequisites.
For example

The default installation path for the software is %ProgramFiles%/Application
The existing addon path is %ProgramFiles%/Application/Addon1
The installer path will be %ProgramFiles%/Application/Addon2

If for any reason the default installation path has been changed to say "D:\Application" I wish to scan THAT target for the Addon1 files BEFORE it will start to install Addon2.

Can anyone help please?