View Full Version : Problem registering ocx files

08-31-2010, 01:51 AM
I've was using Installshield 20008 express with Vista for quite some time without any problems, the package would install successfully on the target machine under XP, Vista and Win7.

I have since purchased a new laptop with windows 7 to develop on.

I am now having issues using IS2008 Express and the same IS project as I used on Vista where it won't register ocx files on the target machine when they install. The install runs smoothly, but as soon as the user attempts to run the app - ocx not registered.

The user can then manually register the ocx files using regsvr32.

Is there something in IS2008 Express that I have to change to be able to compile IS projects successfully ? There are no errors or warnings when compiling the projects.

The registration option for all ocx files are set to 'Extract COM Information' same as they were when running under Vista. I did try changing all these to Self-Register which seemed to do the trick for a select few ocx files, but I'm at a loss as to why this problem would start to occur with target machine installs when the only thing that has changed was going from Vista to Win7 on the development machine.

Any help would be much appreciated !