View Full Version : actxprxy.dll automatically deregisters when MSI is run

06-02-2010, 01:35 PM
I created a very simple installer using InstallShield 2010 Express that does not register any dll's nor - intentionally - make any registry entries.

Unfortunately it looks like actxprxy.dll is deregistered when msi is run. So it needs to be registered. This is not a huge problem on MOST platforms and I was able to address it on these platforms calling an exe as a Custom Action. (The exe essentially registers the dll via DLLRegisterServer). This works for all platforms tested (XP, Vista) EXCEPT for Vista 64 bit. It seems the exe-based custom action is never run on this OS.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any way to suppress the deregistration in the MSI file of the dll, reregister it without replacing on target system or run a custom action .exe on 64bit Vista. I'd really like to understand why an apparently non invasive MSI would deregister actxprxy.dll but I'd be happy just with figuring out how to solve the 64bit Vista issue.

The release type is a single image MSI.