View Full Version : Permissions on Citrix Network drive: directory not found ??

05-07-2010, 04:27 AM

Ive searched the forums for "Permissions" but didn't find an answer to this specific problem:

I'm setting FullControl permissions to all folders within "DATABASDIR".
( [%USERDOMAIN] [LogonUser] ).
This works fine in XP / Vista / Win 7 etc.

The problem:

When users install on Citrix, and choose a network drive (N:) for the database folder, the setting of permissions throws an error:

"Error while setting permissions on object "N:\PathToDBDir\Folder"
System Error: The system cannot find the path specified (3)"

But the folder is existing ... it has just been put there by the installer itself ??? Why doesn't it find the folder it wrote itself ???