View Full Version : Periodically checkout feature - sometimes license server return LM_NO_SERVER_IN_FILE

04-12-2010, 06:55 AM
Hello everyone,

My name is Madalin and lately I'm having an issue with a FLEXlm licensed application.

We' re using FLEXlm 11.6. We have a floating/counted features license file and a license server installed as a service.
Our application uses a wrapper dll (built in C++) that calls Flexible API functions for performing mainly CheckOut and CheckIn of our license file features.

Our application periodically checks if a certain feature is available (not expired...etc) and does a check out over it:
lc_checkout(currentJob, feature, version, 1, LM_CO_NOWAIT, &vendorCode, LM_DUP_NONE)

The timer is set to 10 minutes - so at T0 and then at every 10 minutes, feature A is checked out, if the checkout fails we log, notify and close the application.

Sometimes, the checkout call returns "13" error code. License server is still running, if trying again to checkout it works. I really don't know what's causing this behavior as it does not have a clear pattern.
Could have something to do with the "LM_A_CHECK_INTERVAL" flag? (The heartbeat communication is as by default - automated)

Before calling the checkout function, I am creating a license job and set some attributes:
lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_CHECK_BADDATE, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE) true)
lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_PERROR_MSGBOX, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE) false)
lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_PROMPT_FOR_FILE, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE) false)
lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_DISABLE_ENV, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE)2)
lc_set_attr(job, LM_A_LICENSE_DEFAULT, (LM_A_VAL_TYPE)licPath)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!