View Full Version : Quickpatch...unable to modify registry data

04-07-2010, 11:45 AM
This is a bit frustrating. After upgrading to 2010 Express, I can no longer create quick patches and easily modify the registration data for updates.

All items in the Quick Patch are marked as ISX_DEFAULTCOMPONENT1...
I can edit the items but I rather drag and drop the 'new' registry values to the quick patch..not edit every single element that requires changing.

I must also select View Filter to Always Install to be able to select the source registry item. However after doing so it will not allow me to drag and drop anything. It appears to do 'something' (it flickers the screen) but has no affect.

This 'should' be a VERY easy modification so why is it not?

04-09-2010, 09:37 AM
More on this one!
I am so frustrated with Install Shields at the moment we will NOT be using this product in the future.

We only require the simplest installations and apparently that is taxing the system. Unbelievable.

All we need is the following:
1) Install a few files (executable)
2) lay down some initial registry data
3) DONE!

For an update (quickpatch) all we need is:
1) New executable and possible other files (minor)
2) update a few registry items that were installed above.
3) DONE!

The update in 2010 Express is UPDATING ALL registry data to the initial install values. WHAT???

How do we tell the QuickPatch NOT to reset the reg values to the initial settings and only modify the ones we want? We simply want to include new values for a couple of registry items...nothing more...
Why is it doing that anyway - it's a patch not a full install?

I have no idea why we keep using this product, good grief!!! :confused: