View Full Version : Runtime search path for license files includes original build directory?

03-24-2010, 04:39 AM
Just started implementing FlexNet Publisher 11.8 in our product on a RedHat4 64bit and observed something strange regarding the search path for license files that I hope someone can help with.

I noticed that the output from "lmpath -status" included license files present in the original build directory of FlexNet publisher. I would expect that only files located specified by LM_A_LICENSE_DEFAULT and VENDOR/LM_LICENSE_FILE would be present.

Below is an example from lmpath, where I have defined VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE=/home/jannich/development/flexnet/test/Misc/test_license/uncounted_missing_feature.lic, but still all the .lic files from the FlexNet build directory is present. Note that I am running lmpath from the location of our installed tool and not from the FlexNet build directory:

Known Vendors:

zzzzzzzz: /home/jannich/development/flexnet/test/Misc/test_license/uncounted_missing_feature.lic:/net/home/jannich/development/3party/flexera/flexnet_publisher/x64_lsb/x64_lsb/counted.lic:/net/home/jannich/development/3party/flexera/flexnet_publisher/x64_lsb/x64_lsb/mycounted.lic:/net/home/jannich/development/3party/flexera/flexnet_publisher/x64_lsb/x64_lsb/uncounted.lic

Thanks and regards

03-24-2010, 09:34 AM
FlexNet Publisher normally caches the locations of successful checkouts, so if (for example) you ran lmflex in the build directory, those sample licenses might have been added to the cache.

You can remove the cached licenses by running lmpath with the -override switch, as in:

./lmpath -override demo " "

(For the implementation side, see also LM_A_CKOUT_INSTALL_LIC and LM_A_APP_DISABLE_CACHE_READ for information about disabling writing and reading from this successful-checkout-location cache.)