View Full Version : Activation Authentication

03-11-2010, 06:20 AM
Customer wants to be able to associate activations (fulfillments) with the user performing the request. Activatables can belong to normal or bulk entitlements.

Manually, existing customer can login to the customer-portal, and associate a web-reg-key with their user. Customer wants to be able to do this with activation.
Manually, existing customer can login to the customer-portal and activate only line-items associated to their organisation (ignore self-registration). Customer wants similar restriction (restriction is that user pre-registers, therefore has valid account).

In order to provide customer with a solution, i am considering a proxy/filter service that interrogates the request for the activationId and vendor-dictionary for the account name - with this data I envisage that they can open a preliminary webservice dialog to associate the activatable with the user prior to allowing the normal activation dialog to proceed.

Ideally, I imagine that the user credentials would not be held in the vendor-dictionary, but would use the same security approach as is required by FNOadmin-webservices (I.e. basic authorisation token).

1. Has anyone experienced the same/similar requirement?
2. Have I missed something in the FNO/FNP manuals?
3. Any other recommended approaches?