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02-24-2010, 03:56 AM
In the past Flex has been for me the best license management tool, but this has changed in my opinion. For the end-user there is no support, no reaction from Flexera and as admin with different SW using Flex you are lost. No SW vendor will not help in cases of a general concerns (see lmutil problem). The strategie of Flexera is unclear. A lot of SW provider are using "extended" Flex implementations with an additional service and are not supporting the new lmadmin tool. IMHO with the actual situation an admin has to do handicrafts to manage an general Flex server :mad:


02-24-2010, 10:08 AM

I'm sorry to hear you feel Flexera Software are not responding, or being responsive to your issue. Flexera Software generally provide support directly to our customers (software vendors) rather than end users.

This is because Flexnet Publisher (and many other products) are largely API based. So each customer of Flexera has their own specific implementation. Which is why we suggest end users contact their software vendor directly to report any Licensing related questions. As they will be best placed to advise on their own product implementations.

If your vendor isn't being responsive then we can offer some end user documentation, available here;


I appreciate your situation, but I hope the documents available from our website can help you, if your vendor is unable to.

Phil Hinds
Escalation Engineer
Flexera Software

02-24-2010, 04:58 PM
Hi Phil

thanks for your post, but there is the problem:

- Flexera supports directly the Sw vendors
- Flexera expects that the customer should contact his SW vendor directly, if he has a problem
- There are no "per incident support plans" available from Flexera for end users and for Flexnet Publisher
-The SW vendors expect that the customer is using "his" license environment (installation, version, etc.) otherwise he will not give any license support for his product
- This means as manager of about 15 different SW systems which are using Flex, I should have installed 15 times the flex utilities on different locations with different ports etc. This is not managable and makes IHO no sense Therefore we have tried to simplyfy the environment and to merge all the systems in one license file. This has been working fine till to version 11.x, there is a bug in Flex in such a mixed environment (see separate thread)

Now you are lost as enduser, because you will not get any support from the SW vendor(s) nor from Flexera. I have tried it and got in contact with a guy from Germany, but the only think I got is "all is working right" and we should by the license tool from Flexera, useless :(. Therfor I am very frustrated with the Flex tool for the moment, we need at least the version 11 for two different SW systems, but the tools are not working correct with version 11.