View Full Version : How to restrict patch from adding an entry in ARP?

02-09-2010, 03:52 AM
I am using Installscript MSI project. I have an installer which consists of 2 installers(say, server & client). Both can be deployed in different machine as well as same machine. When deploying both on the same machine, i don't need an entry of the client installer in Add/Remove programs panel. I resolved this issue as my client installer is being executed from server itself in silent mode. :)
Now, I am created a patch for the same. In this case, i have created an update.exe(say, client_patch) which is being executed silently from another update.exe (say, server_patch).
All is working well, except that the execution of client_patch from the server_patch is adding an entry for client installer(not patch) in Add/Remove programs panel. Please note that client_patch is executed silently from server_patch.
I tried to set ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT value to 1(one) through script as well as through property manager. But it did not work. :confused:
I set hide Add/Remove Programs entry to yes in latest msi as well.

Pls help...