View Full Version : Program won't copy over host file?

01-21-2010, 04:38 PM
Hello I have a program which need's to copy over a host file to the user's machine. However i have found that it doesn't do it on window's 7, It will copy over on my machine but i think it may have to do with the security setting's for it, so in other word's i can copy over on my machine but no one else's.

I have tried setting the overwrite version to the highest it goes to and still doesn't work.

I have tried changing permission's to [logonuser] (something like this) then Administrators. The program fail's after running it with these setting's. Even on my pc.

The directory set for the installation is correct , i have checked multiple times.

i am thinking it has to do with the security like i said because it is in a system folder.

Any idea's on how to get it to work?