View Full Version : error -6415 when building a patch with two previous versions

01-19-2010, 08:37 AM

I am trying to use one patch configuration to build Update.exe which can used as a minor upgrade to our original release, and as a small update to the previously released patch.
I added the released patch as a second 'previous Setup' entry to the Patch configuration, but the build fails pretty quickly. If I leave only one entry in the 'Previous Setup' section, the build is successful.

Any ideas why? the documentation about error 6415 didn't help much...

Here is the log:
================= Logging started at 1/19/2010 02:53:37 PM ==================
Created release folders
Performing Upgrading and Patching Validation
Val0003: This setup will perform a MINOR upgrade of the referenced previous setup d:\release\11.1.01600\MyProduct\uncompressed\diskimages\disk1\myproduct.msi
Val0003: This setup will perform a SMALL upgrade of the referenced previous setup d:\release\11.1.01603\MyProduct\uncompressed\diskimages\disk1\myproduct.msi
Creating Patch Configuration Properties...
Building MsiPatchMetadata table
Building ISPatchWholeFile table
Creating Patch...
Validating MSI input file...
Table: Properties
Table: ImageFamilies
Table: UpgradedImages
Table: TargetImages
Cleaning up temporary files...
ISDEV : error -6415: There was an error creating the patch package. Writing contents of log file 'D:\temp\11.1.01603\MyPatch\Interm\PatchCreation.log' to output window.
The patch creation process has completed with: 1 Errors and 0 Warnings.
================= Logging stopped at 1/19/2010 02:54:25 PM ==================