View Full Version : Can I modify the errror message that displayed by SetupError Dialog?

01-13-2010, 02:25 PM

I built a basic MSI project by InstallSheild 8. It has a default "SetupError" dialog which used to display error information. The "SetupError" has a text control named as "ErrorText". The text of "ErrorText" set as "IDS_IsErrorDlg_ErrorText". When "SetupError" dialog need to prompt out, InstallSheild will fill the "IDS_IsErrorDlg_ErrorText" and it will display on dialog as error information.

The error messages which generated by installSheild have a style likes error code plus error description. For instance, "Error 1327.Invalid Drive: N:\". The problem is in the message, there should be a space after period. Can I have a way to modify this error message? When an error happened, does Windows Installer sets the error code or error description to some where(like properties)?

Anyone has idea about this? Thanks a lot!