View Full Version : PROGRAMFILE redirection error on windows 7U x64 German

12-09-2009, 03:33 AM

We use Installshield 2008 to perform a multi plateform installation and we met a problem:

The ''PROGRAMFILE" system variable return "Program files (x86)" instead of "Programme (x86)" on a German windows seven ultimate x64 (But it seems it works well on all other plateforme).

Is there some kind of official fix for this problem?

Anyway, I checked the InstallShield Help and the translation is done thanks to "SHgetSpecialFolderPath()" API from SHFolder.dll.

==> If no fix exists, is it a good solution to provide an 'up to date' version of SHFolder.dll to InstallShield 2008? (So manually replace installshield file by the one provided with windows seven x64?)

Thanks for your help