View Full Version : Need some help with dialog box (combo box)

12-06-2009, 07:43 AM
I'm creating a MSI installation for a client.
The Client wants to install a website/intranetsite and create a virtualdrive and pool on an existing website. Now the client mentioned in it's documentation that when the installation starts a dialog box must be opened that shows the
websites that are installed on the server (where the installation is started). (IIS websites from probably the MetaBase.xml file).

Perhaps I can make a search action in the xml file and get the sites that are installed. But now I got a problem... how do I list these servers in a dialog combo box?

I've created a combo box with a property and i think this property need to be filled by the search action. But when I fill this property by setting a value (text) I only see 1 string in the combo. How do I seperate the values in the combo box?

12-21-2009, 06:49 AM
After getting the list of sites, place them in a text file. And read them from text file to your combo box. Please see below example.

szFile = "C:\\Site_List.txt"; //text file which contains the list of sites
listId = ListCreate(STRINGLIST); //create a list in your script
ListReadFromFile(listId, szFile); //reads from text file into your list
CtrlSetList("DialogName", listbox, listId); //sets the values into your combo box where listbox is the id of combo box

Note: this is for installscript project with custom dialog.
Hope this helps!