View Full Version : Helper.exe command line?

Peter Kosenko
11-19-2009, 07:16 PM
I am a little distressed that Installshield/Accresso/Flexera releases "Setup Prerequisites" and then doesn't document their use, but gives you a wizard to "edit" them. I managed to create a Prerequisite for InstallShield 2008 that installs the Microsoft Redistributable for C++ runtimes version

Then I got to .NET 3.5 and noticed that there is absolutely NO explantion from IS of what its own "helper.exe" bootstrap launcher does. In the Prerequisite is has the mysterious command line flag /p (are there any others?) that apparently sends a separate command line to the dotnet35 installer. But where is the documentation for helper.exe?

/p dotnetfx35.exe /l 1033 /v "/q /norestart"

/v "/q /norestart" = the command line passed to dotnetfx35.exe
/p = who knows what -- Program?
/l seems to be the LANGUAGE (only because I know that 1033 is "English")

Are these the only command line options that helper.exe has?

11-20-2009, 12:31 PM
You are always welcome to create your own prerequisites. In this particular case, Aaron Stebner had documented in his blog some bad but preventable failure cases of the .NET 3.5 install. The helper.exe used in the prerequisite we provide follows his steps to prevent them. I'm not familiar with helper.exe's command line parameters; what are you looking to do? I can find out if our helper.exe supports it.