View Full Version : *Urgent* Help Cannot see maintenance dialog on Vista FRENCH

11-12-2009, 02:38 PM
I installed a setup, then I run it again to see the maintenance dialog with the modify / repair / remove options, but that does not work on a Vista FRENCH machine. It works on a Vista ENGLISH, and I also tried on an XP Machine and I am able to see the maintenance dialog.

On a Vista FRENCH machine, all I get is an automatic REPAIR or REINSTALL with no options at all.

The log says :

MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:20:904]: Product registered: entering maintenance mode

and later

MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:24:921]: Skipping action: PatchWelcome (condition is false)
MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:24:921]: Skipping action: InstallWelcome (condition is false)
MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:24:921]: Skipping action: InstallSQLExpress (condition is false)
MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:24:921]: Skipping action: SetupResume (condition is false)
MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:24:921]: Skipping action: MaintenanceWelcome (condition is false)
MSI (c) (A8:BC) [13:48:24:921]: Doing action: SetupProgress
Action 13:48:24 : SetupProgress.
Début de l'action 13:48:24 : SetupProgress.

So you can see it skips the MaintenanceWelcome dialog but it should not. The condition of the MaintenanceWelcome dialog is the default one -> Installed And Not RESUME And Not Preselected And Not PATCH

why is that condition FALSE on that machine and TRUE when I run it on other non-FRENCH machine?