View Full Version : Need help running MSI during install - Desperate!

11-06-2009, 03:28 PM
Hi -

I've tried a bunch of ways to run this msi during my install and it never seems to run.

I also can't get a log file generated when I run my setup.exe so I'm totally at a loss here.

This is the MSI file I need to install:

I can run the MSI on my target machine no problem.
(Of course, I uninstall before running my setup.exe)

This is what I've tried so far for my setup.exe:
1b) Custom Actions > After Ready To Install Dialog:
Src Loc: Broswe...
File Name:
Cmd Line: <blank>
also tried (I would prefer silent)
Cmd Line: /qn
Cmd Line: /quiet

Then I tried this:

2a) Setup Files > Support >English: added the MSI file
2b) Custom Actions > After Ready To Install Dialog:
Src Loc: File exists...
File Name/Cmd: msiexec /i "ExchangeMapiCdo.msi"
also tried (I would prefer silent)
File Name/Cmd: msiexec /i "ExchangeMapiCdo.msi" /qn

(I see the msi on the target machine in the temp dir, but it doesn't appear to be executed)

No Joy at all....

Can anyone please help?

11-09-2009, 02:46 PM
OK, I'm able to run the MSI now, but I am getting and error stating that another installation is in process and it won't let me run the '2nd' one (the custom action one).

How can I run another MSI during my primary setup.exe ?