View Full Version : Referencing a DIM: relative paths to files

11-05-2009, 05:05 PM
I'm trying out a DIM architecture. I created my 1st DIM project using InstallShield Collaboration with Visual Studio. I then went to InstallShield to reference the DIM created by the Collaboration DIM project. When I attempt to Build the InstallShield 2010 installation project, I get the following error:

ISDEV : error -9058: Could not find file "\svnProductX_2009Nov4kk1118\kkDIM3FILE.txt" in fileSet "kkDIM3fileSet"

It seems like InstallShield can not see the Collaboration DIM Project's automated BuildVariable 0 that defines the drive/root path that is prefixed to "\svnProductX_2009Nov4kk1118\kkDIM3FILE.txt".

How do I get the full path information from a Collaboration DIM Project to be "consumable" by the InstallShield installation project referencing that *.dim?

Thanks for your help.